325% Increase in Customer Meetings: WorkForTomorrow's Strategic Leap Forward

software application designed to streamline the connection between schools and students for internships
  • From 4-5 to 13 prospect meetings weekly
  • Better-targeted messaging
  • Confidence in the outreach

Customer Background

WorkForTomorrow, founded by Frederick, is an innovative software application designed to streamline the connection between schools and students for internships. With over 20 years of experience in technology, Frederick launched a platform that delivers a data-driven work-based learning talent pipeline framework for managing student, academic, and business workforce development.


The team encountered several significant obstacles:

  • Complex Messaging: Effectively communicating the value of the app to the right audience was consistently challenging, leading to meetings with the wrong personas or consultants.
  • Resource Limitations: A lack of comprehensive, compelling information made it difficult to build convincing messaging.
  • Missed Opportunities: Incorrect targeting and strategy led to potentially valuable connections being overlooked.


The turning point came from leveraging the M1-project tools, recommended to Frederick. By applying both M1 Marketing Strategy and the ICP report, Frederich was impressed by:

  • Insightful Reports: M1-project provided concise, clear insights into their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and marketing strategy, offering a clear path forward.
  • New Opportunities Identification:
    Consultant Collaboration: Targeted previously overlooked opportunities for engaging consultants, fostering stronger professional relationships.
    Webinar Content Overhaul: Refined webinar messaging to emphasize the app's key benefits, directly addressing student and school needs.
    Market Potential Highlight: The M1 Marketing Strategy showed us lots of chances to grow and how big our market is.


This strategic shift had immediate and profound effects:

    • Increased Number of Meetings: The number of weekly meetings with interested parties jumped from 4-5 to 13, indicating a significant rise in targeted interest.
    • Enhanced Confidence: With better-targeted messaging and a deeper understanding of the market, Frederick and his team experienced a newfound confidence in their outreach efforts.

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg as there’s so much planned in their marketing using the M1-project reports.


      Frederick's adoption of the M1-project ICP tool fundamentally changed WorkForTomorrow's approach to marketing their platform. By moving from broad, ineffective strategies to focused, data-driven tactics, the company has not only improved its engagement rates but also positioned itself for sustained growth and success in connecting students with valuable internship opportunities.

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