3X Email Campaigns Open Rates with AI Insights

A software company that converts commercial insurance documents into actionable data
  • Open rates for prospects increased from 25-30% to 50-68%
  • Cold campaign open rates went from 2-5% to 10-14%
  • Shifted to launching frequent, effective outreach campaigns

Customer Background

Lineslip Solutions, represented by Langdon Doty, is redefining the insurance risk management software space. As a sales representative, Langdon aimed to leverage cutting-edge AI to enhance their sales strategies, addressing the unique needs of insurance risk managers.


Langdon and his team encountered several roadblocks in their quest to optimize marketing outreach:

  • Complex Customer Discovery: Identifying potential customers unaware of their need for the product necessitated testing various ICPs. It was an endless trial and error-process.
  • Slow Pace: Traditional methods resulted in launching only 2 email outreach campaigns a year which is a rather slow pace to reach efficient results.
  • Reliance on Generic Tools: Prior reliance on free ChatGPT prompts for SaaS marketing, though innovative, lacked the depth and specificity needed for targeted ICP identification and campaign creation.


The breakthrough came with the adoption of the M1-project’s offering: the AI Ideal Customer Profile Generator. This tool caught Langdon's attention as it promised a better way to tackle the challenge of identifying and engaging ICPs.

Impressed by the process and the strategic direction offered by the M1 project, Langdon was motivated to explore further.

The "wow" moment came when the ICP demo accurately identified the company's type and proposed various new verticals— areas previously unexplored by Lineslip Solutions. This accuracy in pinpointing a buyer persona that was not only precise but also opened doors to new opportunities, was a revelation.

"By integrating M1-project's AI insights into our strategy, we've seen our email open rates triple, transforming our outreach effectiveness.
It's clear evidence of how precise, data-driven content can dramatically enhance engagement."

Langdon Doty

So, here’s what happened after M1-project was put to the test:

  • Insights Application: The "jobs to be done" section from the ICP report was instrumental in structuring a highly effective 5-email campaign, directly addressing buyer personas and their pain points using top NLP practices and FOMO.
  • Targeted ICP Insights: The AI-generated ICP report illuminated insurance risk managers' specific needs and pain points, offering Langdon a clear roadmap for personalized outreach.
  • Enhanced Email Campaigns: Using "jobs to be done" from the ICP report, Langdon crafted a series of emails using communication frameworks to ensure messages were direct, compelling, and addressed buyer personas effectively.


This is what Lineslip Solutions was able to achieve:

  • Elevated Email Engagement: For existing prospects, email open rates leaped from 25-30% to 50-68%.
  • Cold outreach campaigns also increased in open rates from 2-5% to 10-14%. Considering the company targets private equity firms, known for their usually low open rates, this achievement was a significant breakthrough.
  • Operational Marketing Efficiency: With AI, Langdon shifted from launching a few campaigns a year to a more dynamic, effective strategy, enhancing both reach and engagement.
  • Clarity and Direction in Marketing: For the first time, Lineslip Solutions had a clear, actionable audience segmentation underpinned by detailed ICP analysis and strategic planning.

For you to reach the same results, Langdon shared with us his secret process to create winning emails:

  • Using M1-project, he built a prompt in Chat GPT to generate the first versions of emails. Here’s the prompt Langdon cordially shared with us: "Evaluate the above section and craft a short 5-email campaign using bullet points, in the style of a top email marketer, make sure to address how our product features solve their pain points, using top NLP practices and FOMO. Ensure there is a call to action convincing them to book a demo with us."
  • From there they refined and redirected ChatGPT to improve emails - usually making AI use fewer words and get more direct and to the point.

This is just one example of how to use your M1-project ICP report for sales strategy. Various other sections of the M1 report can be utilized by both marketing and sales with targeted ChatGPT prompting to achieve great results.


    Langdon’s strategic use of AI-driven insights fundamentally changed Lineslip Solutions’ approach to sales outreach. The comprehensive analysis and strategic direction provided by the AI tools not only filled the gap in sales outreach but also instilled a newfound confidence in their sales initiatives. The substantial increase in engagement rates and the structured approach to sales campaigns set a new standard for the company’s outreach efforts.

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