Speaker and Trainer Doubles LinkedIn Visibility Thanks to Winning Marketing Strategy

Digital product studio based in Munich
  • LinkedIn ad CTR reached 0.75%
  • Landing page revamp

Customer Background

Marcel, a digital project manager and UX designer at Envidual, plays a pivotal role in crafting marketing strategies for the company. His work involves setting goals, working closely with co-founders, and continuously refining the company’s approach to winning more customers. A significant part of his strategy development revolves around the effective use of Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) to tailor marketing efforts more precisely.
Company background: Envidual is a digital product studio based in Munich. They specialize in creating digital products from the initial idea to a successful launch, covering concept, design, and development.


Despite his skills, Marcel hit some roadblocks:

  • Evolving ICPs: The need to constantly adapt and update ICPs as market dynamics and customer behaviors change. Marcel ended up spending around 10 hours a month updating strategy and changing the approach to communicate to them properly. No time for ICP at all.
  • Strategy Optimization: Finding and implementing the most effective strategies to attract more customers remained a trial-and-error process.
  • Market Segmentation: The difficulty in accurately segmenting the market and picking the right ICPs for targeted campaigns.
  • No access to customers that represent the ICPs to interview. Sometimes it is hard to find respondents directly representing ICPs. Moreover, no time to interview them.


Marcel turned to the AI Ideal Customer Profile Generator by M1-project for a solution. This tool promised to change how he approached the assumption stage of marketing strategy development by providing:

  • Data-backed Insights: Leveraging robust data analytics, the tool offers insights grounded in data, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of marketing assumptions.
  • Customized Approach: The outcome is individually tailored to the unique offerings and value propositions of Envidual. This ensures that the generated insights align perfectly with his business objectives and target audience.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Equipped with actionable insights, Marcel can directly apply the generated data to refine his marketing strategies and hone in on the most effective approaches for engaging his target audience.
  • Strategic Framework: The tool presents a structured framework for evaluating and selecting the most promising strategies.
"With the help of this ICP generator, I was able to achieve above-average results with minimal time invested. It significantly improved efficiency. I hadn't generated ICPs before, and this tool helped me get started with targeting campaigns in an extremely effective way. The quality of the ICP results was impressive; I didn't expect such high quality from an AI tool."

Marcel, Envidual


Armed with the AI-generated ICP report by M1-project, Marcel, and Envidual achieved remarkable results:

  • Landing Page Revamp: He updated the agency's landing page, aligning it more closely with the identified pain points and aspirations of the target audience, as outlined in the ICP report.
  • LinkedIn Ads Success: By launching LinkedIn ads crafted from the insights gained from the ICP report, they secured a 0.75% Click-Through Rate (CTR). That’s notably higher than the industry average of 0.43%, demonstrating the massive efficiency of the targeted approach.

Here’s the process Marel used to create the winning copy:

  • Marcel integrated details from the ICP report, including pain points and triggers, using ChatGPT.
  • Using these insights, he generated compelling headlines and the main copy for a LinkedIn ad.
  • Then he created an accompanying image and refined the content iteratively to craft an exceptional LinkedIn advertisement.
The ad itself is below.

Ad Translation

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Marcel's and Envidual’s journey with the M1-project shows the power of using AI to refine marketing strategies and tactics. The AI Ideal Customer Profile Generator made it easier to create and ideal customer profile and develop marketing materials in accordance to hit the mark. It also helped Marcel make informed decisions that significantly boosted their marketing effectiveness at Envidual.

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