Speaker and Trainer Doubles LinkedIn Visibility Thanks to Winning Marketing Strategy

Keynote speaker empowering women & unlocking business success
  • LinkedIn engagement went from 3 to 6%
  • LinkedIn impressions up by 17.85%
  • Opportunity to speak at TEDx
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Customer Background

Cynthia Barnes, a highly sought-after professional speaker and award-winning entrepreneur, helps professional women and organizations overcome gender-related barriers through dynamic, empowering keynotes and actionable insights. Her speeches focus on self-acceptance, shattering societal norms, and the power of gratitude, providing practical strategies to fuel both personal and strategic business growth.

Transitioning from entrepreneurship to speaking full-time, Cynthia embarked on a mission to harness digital platforms to amplify her voice and reach.

  • Profession: Highly sought-after professional speaker and award-winning entrepreneur
  • Mission: Help professional women overcome gender-related barriers through dynamic, empowering keynotes and actionable insights


Despite her enthusiasm and expertise, Cynthia encountered substantial hurdles in crafting an effective marketing strategy to amplify her speaking business. Her initial attempts involved exploring LinkedIn marketing and leveraging ChatGPT for content creation. However, lacking specificity and direct experience in digital marketing channels led to inefficiencies.

Navigating Digital Complexity: Challenges like generating relevant prompts, navigating the vast responses from AI tools, and conducting over 200 interviews to understand her audience's pain points highlighted the complexity of digital marketing. Moreover, her significant investment of time and resources—$5,000 on marketing consultants and countless hours on strategy development—underscored her commitment and the need for a focused, tailored, and effective approach.

Resource Allocation: The initial strategy development phase consumed not only a substantial financial investment but also an immense amount of time, reflecting the depth of Cynthia's commitment to finding a solution that could truly make a difference.


The turning point came when Cynthia discovered the AI Marketing Strategy Generator offered by M1-Project. Intrigued by the holistic, all-in-one, concise document it promised, she was drawn to its ability to provide market size information, a prioritized action plan, and insights tailored to her unique needs. The decision to invest in this solution was fueled by positive referrals and the appeal of its comprehensive yet digestible format. This strategic tool aligned with her goals and offered a streamlined process for effectively identifying and engaging her target audience.

"AI transformed my marketing from a chaotic guessing game into a precision tool. The detailed plan gave me the confidence to create content that resonated with my audience and opened doors to incredible opportunities."

Cynthia Barnes, Professional Speaker and Entrepreneur


The implementation of the AI-generated marketing strategy brought about transformative results. Cynthia's LinkedIn engagement skyrocketed, with engagement rates doubling to 6% and gaining an average of 17 new followers daily. See more results in the screenshot below.

The strategic insights enabled her to craft viral LinkedIn posts and achieve a coveted TEDx talk within four days, demonstrating the strategy's efficacy in real time. Moreover, the detailed market analysis and prioritization of channels provided by the AI strategy facilitated targeted actions, increasing visibility and influence in her domain.

Key components of the AI strategy, such as market size analysis, identification of areas of opportunity, and influencer breakdowns, were instrumental in Cynthia's success. These elements allowed for a nuanced understanding of the landscape and informed decisions that maximized her impact.

  • LinkedIn Engagement: Remarkable increase from 3 to 6% and ~17 new followers daily.
  • Strategic Insights: Benefitted from market analysis and channel prioritization.
  • Engagement and Influence: The leap in LinkedIn engagement metrics was just the tip of the iceberg. The real success was how these numbers translated into real-world opportunities and platforms for Cynthia to share her vision, such as the prestigious TEDx talk.

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