All Around Express Doubles Cold Outreach  Effectiveness with AI Insights

Shipments to and from Germany in standard and express service classes
  • From 10% to 20% in open rate
  • From 5 to 10% in reply rate
  • ~30% conversion rate to paid customers

Customer Background

All Around Express focuses on streamlining shipment settlements, aiming for sales process automation.


Despite identifying 4-5 Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs), the team struggled to effectively reach their diverse customer segments due to a lack of marketing expertise within the company. Niklas's team faced significant hurdles:

  • Lack of Marketing Strategy: Without a cohesive marketing strategy and limited marketing knowledge internally, aligning their efforts with business goals was challenging.
  • Trust Issues with Existing ICP Data: The team was hesitant to rely on their existing ICP data, questioning its accuracy and relevance.
  • Financial and Time Constraints: An estimated €10,000 had been spent on ICP research, yielding little to no actionable results.
  • Need for Marketing Expertise: The absence of marketing expertise led to an undefined and inefficient approach to reaching their target audience.


The turning point came with the adoption of two products from M1-project: the AI Ideal Customer Profile Generator and a comprehensive Marketing Strategy tool. These two products provided:

  • Robust ICP Insights and Marketing Strategy Foundation: The AI-generated ICP report and marketing strategy offered a data-backed, tailored analysis of ICPs and a strategic marketing roadmap, including value propositions and SWOT analysis.
  • Strategic Marketing Roadmap: The tools helped lay a foundational marketing strategy, guiding the company through putting together its action plan.
  • Deep Dive into Customer Worries:  
    — The AI report revealed customer anxieties and challenges.    
    — Enabled company to tailor marketing, addressing ICP concerns directly.
  • Strategic Content Alignment:    
    — Identified core issues of ICPs for resonant content creation.    
    — Improved engagement, positioned All-around-express as a solution provider.
  • Targeted Outreach Locations:    
    — Provided insights on where to find customers online (specific links/platforms).    
    — Enabled focused marketing efforts on high-engagement channels.
"Initially curious about the outcome, we were amazed by the AI's reliability and accuracy. The insights it delivered went beyond our expectations, proving that AI can indeed be a powerhouse in understanding and reaching our market effectively."

Niklas, All Around Express Solutions


Implementing these solutions led to transformative outcomes for All-around-express:

  • Email Campaign Revitalization: The structured new emails, based on the AI insights and communication frameworks, saw open and response rates double, significantly enhancing engagement. 
    — From 10% to 20% in open rate → Due to more accurate targeting recipients via ICP Personas    
    — From 5 to 10% in reply rate → Due to more ICP-relevant communication content
  • Strategic Marketing Clarity: For the first time, All-around-express had a clear marketing roadmap with strategic "to-dos," preparing them for effective execution by their agency.
  • Increased Sales Conversions: More targeted outreach translated into a 30% conversion rate from engaged prospects to paid customers, with specific numbers showcasing the effectiveness of their refined approach.


Nikas and All Around Express experienced a profound shift in their marketing strategy, moving from an unfocused effort to a targeted, strategic approach. The AI-driven tools not only provided the much-needed marketing expertise but also instilled confidence in their ICP data and marketing initiatives. The foundation laid by AI insights and strategic planning now guides All Around Express toward more successful marketing executions.

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